Hot Water Units
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  • The SH Series is a portable high power washer with a compact design, ideal for use where electric power is not available.

  • An industrial duty engine provides power to the triplex, ceramic plunger, direct-drive pump and thermostatically controlled 12VDC burner.

  • The stainless wrapped 1/2" SCH 80 steel coil heats water up to 250°F.

  • You will experience extended burner run time with the large 8 gallon diesel tank.

  • Its rugged powder coated frame has a lifting point, integrated hose hooks, wand holder, and 4 large wheels are also included for portability.

  • Requires Group 24 550CCA battery, not included.

  • Dimensions: 44”Lx28”Wx45”H

Models Available: Call for Pricing

  • Model SH27003VH 2700psi @ 2.5gpm (186bar, 9liters) 205cc Vanguard engine Electric start

  • Model SH30003HH 3000psi @ 3.0gpm (207bar, 11liters) 270cc Honda engine Pull start

  • 3500psi @ 3.0gpm (241bar, 11liters) 305cc Vanguard engineModel SH35003VH Pull start

  • Model SH40004HH 4000psi @ 3.5gpm (276bar, 13liters) 389cc Honda engine Electric start

SK Series Hot Water Wash Skid
  • Trailer or truck mounted to work for you, right where you need it.
  • Industrial duty electric-start Vanguard or Honda engine provides power to the pump and 12V diesel burner so no electrical supply is needed.
  • Large, high capacity, ½” SCH 80 coil is stainless steel wrapped and heats the water up to 250°F.  Extended run times with the large 8 gallon gas and diesel tanks*. Industrial rated, direct or belt-drive triplex plunger pumps for superior performance and longevity.
  • Remote mounted unloader allowing for easy maintenance and has an external bypass loop to keep the pump running cool. Burst disc and pressure relief valve for operator safety.
  • Full cage frame with lifting eye protects your machine from damage.
  • Requires Group 24 550 CCA battery, not included. Dimensions: 43”L x 27”W x 45”H
Models Available: Call for Pricing
  • Model SK40004HH Direct Drive Pump 4000psi @ 3.5gpm (276bar, 13liters) 389cc Honda engine, electric start
  • Model SK30005VH Belt Drive Pump 3000psi @ 5.0gpm (207bar, 19liters) 479cc Vanguard engine, electric start
  • Model SK40005VH Belt Drive Pump 4000psi @ 4.8gpm (276bar, 18liters) 570cc Vanguard engine, electric start
*SK40004HH has a 1.6 gallon gasoline tank mounted on the engine and dual 8 gallon diesel fuel tanks
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Pressure-Pro's gas powered pressure washers generally take less time & effort to clean large areas that are designed for outdoor use.Gas powered pressure washers can be used in any cleaning application, from removing peeling paint (chalking) to cleaning hardened dirt and debris from any surface. Because it is gas powered, it is also more mobile as you don't have any power cords following you.


Pressure-Pros' cold and hot diesel powered pressure washers are engineered for longer engine life for the toughest of jobs. They are ideal for removing grease, grim, oil, paint stripping, gum removal, and other tough outdoor cleaning applications


Pressure-Pro's electric powered pressure washers can be used in an unventilated area, like a garage, basement, or kitchen. Electric motors are measured by taking horsepower and voltage to get the amperage. The higher the amps, the more the power. They are also quieter than gas powered machines and eliminate the need for fuel, whcih means having an unlimited power source.