Reverse Osmosis Systems
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AXEON BT – Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Three available models to accommodate your daily gallon requirements.

  • 1,500 gallons per day

  • 1,800 gallons per day

  • 2,000 gallons per day


Featuring 4.0” diameter sediment and carbon block pre–filters, low energy membranes and a high pressure pump.

Soft Water Tank Exchange Service

Puretec offers soft water tanks in 1.6 & 3.6 sizes to meet your soft water needs. This service provides the benefits of soft water without the required investment, maintenance or salt discharge limitations of an 'in place' self regenerating water softener. We offer tank delivery for 4 or more tanks rented at one time.

  • Offers a perfect solution for areas where brine or salt discharge from a self regenerating unit is not permitted

  • No maintenance or salt handling required

  • Easily scalable as your water demands increase or decrease

  • Provides the convenience of regularly scheduled tank deliveries